Presidential Logo Deconstruction

Candidate Logo Deconstruction
For the candidate logo deconstruction assignment, I chose to analyze Former Maryland Representative John Delaney’s 2020 Logo. The logo itself is comprised of a bold navy text of his last name, with “For President 2020” in a skinnier font underneath. The main eye-catching element of the logo is a light blue and red line going into the center of the D. By dissecting the visual elements and visual principles found in the logo, it allows to understand not only the logo in an interesting way, but also what the candidate is trying to portray with their logo. For example, by focusing on the lines in the logo, it is possible to see how Delaney is looking to show a sense of movement with the lines in the “D” of his name. The lines in the “D” are diagonal lines pointing into the center of the logo in both light blue and red. Diagonal lines often symbolize action or movement, which ties into Delaney’s logo “Focus on the future,” as he is focusing on moving forward towards the future. Not only are the lines important in this logo, but the shapes and curves of the lines are organic shapes, also known as forms found in nature. This makes the shapes seem more organic and natural, which makes them appear to the viewer as calmer and not as abrasive. The color of the logo is also symbolic. Not only does the logo only use only hues of primary colors, but it also uses the colors of red and blue to symbolize both the democratic party and the republican party. Historically, red is also used to symbolize energy, while the blue throughout the whole logo symbolizes trust and security. The logo also displays a compositional unity that shows balance. As “For President 2020” is balanced directly under “Delaney” there is a sense of symmetry throughout the text. As for compositional variety, there is a clear emphasis on “Delaney” over “For President 2020” as the size of the Delaney font is not only bold, but also much bigger. Space is also utilized in this logo as the definition and the colors emphasize “Delaney,” and more specifically the logo in the D. The size variation between “Delaney” and “For President 2020” also uses space to draw the eye to the name. The fonts in Delaney’s logo are very average, as he uses a blocky san serif font that doesn’t really stand out. The font underneath his name is less blocky, and the two fonts do combine successfully. For the implied meaning and connotation, apart from the “For President 2020,” this logo really looks like it could be for anything. As the blue is quite light, it is not really the same blue that symbolizes the democratic party, so it looks less like a campaign or more like something for an airline or train company. The logo uses the same colors as American Airlines and looks kind of like a combination of American Airlines and Amtrak. While the logo doesn’t exactly look presidential without “For President 2020,” it is a pretty clear logo. Unfortunately, it also resembles Obama’s logo for 2008, when he placed fields in the center of his O. Although Delaney’s logo isn’t exactly the same, there is definitely some obvious similarities. Although Delaney’s logo isn’t downright bad, it definitely could be a lot stronger or more successful.