Client Questions and Evaluation

Some of the visual strengths of the project definitely involve the visual aspects of the clients. The pictures and videos really encapsulate the feeling and enthusiasm that the kids have for this sport. It’s also interesting to see the climate that they are doing this in and gives an important insight to the hardships that they face on a day to day basis. I think some of the weaknesses could involve their small, but reasonable for the situation, media presence, as well as the trailer. I think the editing could have been done in a more effective way, especially by telling more of the stories. I think maintaining a higher media presence should be a primary visual goal in general. This could mean building a higher functioning website, re-editing the trailer, or even making social media for the team. I’ve seen many cases of social media leading to huge donations or way more opportunities, and I think that this could easily happen to this team if they had a bigger social media presence. I think the biggest weaknesses overall involve the video and the media presence. I think that rebuilding the trailer using more of the strong visual elements that really encapsulate the situation and building a social media presence, including a website, would better display the group.