Final Photo Series One

For this photo series, I was interested in exploring the current nicotine and vaping epidemic. Vaping is currently big in the news as the health risks are becoming more and more prevalent, and multiple teens are getting injured. Nicotine addiction and vaping, especially Juuling, is extremely popular among college students, and I wanted to capture this. For this project, I chose to explore how vaping, specifically Juuling, along with nicotine addiction in general, is not only affecting, but also controlling college student’s lives on a day-to-day basis. This photo series captures how Juuling is affecting students every moment of the day, whether it be while studying or cooking. I chose to not include their faces not only for the sake of their privacy, but to also show how vaping and Juuling is affecting everyone, as well as how Juuling is so highly integrated into college student’s lives that it has become part of their identity themselves. I found inspiration for this project from photographers such as Sally Mann, specifically her “Candy Cigarette” image of a young girl holding a cigarette, and Eric Kim, who is a modern street photographer who strives to capture people in everyday and simple moments.