Resume and Business Card Revision

For this revision assignment, I chose to revise both my business card and my resume. For my resume, I really focused on making it much more readable, as the color and font size choices of my original resume project were hard to read. To do this, I changed the actual font text to a black color so it stands out more against the pink, I also increased the size of each font on the page, so that it was much easier to read and understand. I also worked on moving my text boxes over, because in the original project there was a lot of blank space that was distracting and made the resume stand out less. For my business card, I started over completely because I felt that the business card I had created did not match well with the style and simplicity of my resume. I changed the shade of pink so it better resembled the color on my resume. I also made sure that the fonts were the same, so that they would pair together nicely. Overall, I worked to make the business card simple but effective, while also making it contrast nicely with my updated resume. I think the finished project is much easier to read and the resume and business cards look better together.